I will provide the best Recipes and the Healthy Ways to prepare them.

My Motto

I am an aspirant cooking enthusiast. My main motto is to stay Fit and Eat Healthy. Around the world the oldest Art is known to be the Cooking Art. There are huge delicacies present around the world. My small and effective attempt is to try all the delicious foods and prepare them in a healthy way to be presented and eaten by everybody. My biggest critic is my husband and of course with much enthusiasm I ventured into YouTube Videos of my cooking and blogging. My ardent request to my followers and viewers is that to try the dishes as per the specified methods and let me know how it turns up for you all. I am also welcome to recommendations and wishes. Look forward to your support in my efforts. - Mrs. Sonali Bhaumik
Data Administrative @ Easy Solutions 4 U & Ardent Cook Aspirant
An Aspirant Cook

CookWithSonali – An Aspirant Cook

I am open to your suggestions and opinions and good wishes. Let me know if you want to see any specific recipes. Also let me know your experience of cooking here.

My Cooking Skills

Vegeterian Specials - 95%
Fast Foods - 80%
Non – Vegeterian Specials - 95%
Desserts - 90%
Juices & Drinks - 90%

We Offer

  • Healthy yet Delicious Cookings
  • Easy to get Ingredients
  • Ordinary Equipments use to cook great foods
  • Take deep note of your Feedbacks
  • Focus only on Cooking Perfectly