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Taler bora

Taler bora |Palm pakora recipe

Welcome to cook with Sonali. Today I am going to make taler bora or palm pakora. It is Bengali occasion janmathumi special recipe. This recipe is my granny’s favorite and she used to make it too good. Actually I learn from her. And I love this taler bora.  Here I am using few ingredients .


So let’s have a look at the ingredients



1 cup of Ripe Palm pulp

½ cup of all purpose flour

1 cup of sugar

4 tbsp of semolina or suji

3 tbsp of shredded coconut

I pinch of salt

1 pinch of baking powder


That’s all you need to taler bora. So let’s have look at the ingredients.



Taler bora

Taler bora



At first we need a bowl then  add ripe palm pulp, sugar , semolina or suji , all purpose flour , shredded coconut, 1 pinch of baking powder, and 1 pinch of salt . Mix it nicely along with all the ingredients with your hand . Make a thick paste. Once the thick paste is ready then leave it for about 10 minutes until the sugar gets dissolve.


Mean while heat enough oil in large skillet . Once the oil is enough hot then add palm pakora One by one . Likewise I will make all the pakoras and dip into the hot oil .


Cook in medium flame until it turns golden brown. Once it turns golden brown then I will flip it and cook in others part also.


Once both sides  turn golden brown then I will take it out on pepper towel so all excess oil soaked up.


Now see taler bora or Palm pakoras are ready . Hope you will try this out and let me know how it turns out for you . If you want to know more details about the recipe please check my  YouTube video Cook with Sonali  . Please like my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more delicious recipes.


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